Shade Gardening with Natives

Do you struggle to grow grass under trees? Instead extend your wildlife habitat offering by learning how to create layered landscapes of natives in shady parts of your yard. Less lawn, less mowing, and instead layers of native ground covers, perennials, shrubs, understory trees, and canopy trees. Many shade-loving natives flower and bear fruit that benefit birds, butterflies, moths, turtles; plus many shade-loving natives are important caterpillar plants for our butterflies and moths. Pat’s own deep dive into shade gardening coincided with reclaiming a third of their half-acre property, a woods overgrown with Multiflora Rose and Japanese Honeysuckle, in 2009. Today that woods is full of natives, some planted by Pat, some shared by fellow wildlife gardeners like Jesse Connor, some seeded by birds (like the frequently found Willow Oak seedlings, planted by Blue Jays carrying acorns into this oasis), and other natives that were in the seed bank but deprived of sun to grow until the Multiflora Rose was removed. If you are just beginning to add native trees and shrubs to your yard, Pat Sutton will share some of the very best natives that will enhance your habitat and benefit wildlife.