Red Cedar vs Leyland Cypress

001 - CedarWaxwing eating RedCedar berries-11-18-08(03)In southern New Jersey my favorite evergreen is Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana, for about a zillion reasons.   I’ve watched 32 different species of birds feed on the fruits, including big flocks of Cedar Waxwings (so named because they favor Red Cedar fruits).

Learn why Red Cedar is a far better evergreen to plant than Leyland Cypress by reading my latest column on the Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens website (where over 30 of us contribute educational and informative columns to guide and encourage wildlife gardeners, so they don’t make the same mistakes we did).

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  1. Please help me figure out the difference of the two. How do I know if a tree is a red cedar or a Leyland cypress? Not much information on the internet.

    1. Hi Tim, Did you read my original post at:
      It includes lots of photos and explains the difference. To purchase a Red Cedar you’ll want to visit a Native Plant Nursery. See the list on my website under “Some Sources of Native Plants – 2020.” Most of your standard nurseries carry and push Leyland Cypress, which is pretty worthless to wildlife (in comparison to Red Cedar).

      1. Hello Pat. I’ve looked on your link, but can’t find your article on red cedar vs Leland cypress. I like the very brief description and argument for, but haven’t been able to read any more than the 2 paragraphs given. Thank you, Casey

  2. So sorry to hear the website is no longer active. I, too, would appreciate a copy of the article on red cedar vs cypress if you have it. The article Chopping Away Lawn would also be of great interest.

    Thank you in advance for anything you can share along these lines.

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